Certifications are something that we, at DanBlumen, have worked with for quite some years. In general, the certification area is moving forward in the industry, and therefore it is a part of our service to our customers. We use the demands for certifications as a good input to our daily development work.

Today, we have the three certifications, listed below – naturally we stay informed about further development at the area and adjust our work accordingly. 


– MPS Florimark TraceCert

This certification is regarding our sales of Danish potted plants.

As the name indicates, MPS Florimark TraceCert has a high focus on the traceability and the separation of the certificated and non-certificated products – both physical and electronical. It also includes high demands for all procedures in the company. 


– MPS Florimark Good Trade Practice

The MPS Florimark Good Trade Practice is our sales of the Danish potted plants.

The certification demands a well-structured approach to company development and quality control, including certain demands to the staff conditions. 


– GlobalG.A.P. – Chain of Custody

GlobalG.A.P – Chain of Custody is applicable to our sales of Christmas trees and spruce.

Today, there is an increasing number of certificated suppliers of cut trees. As this trade is an important part of our business, we have  also become certified in this area. This certification is especially about traceability and a clear physical and registered separation of the certified and non-certified goods.


For questions regarding our certifications, please contact Heidi Sandahl on +45 63 18 62 18.