Visit Handelspladsen with DanBlumen, selected dates for 2020


Foto fra handelspladsen

Handelspladsen is a trade fair for florists, gardeners and distributors to meet, discuss and give inspiration for the new season. Of course Danblumen will participate again this year, feel free to join us, or meet us at the Handelsplads, as we go visit the stands of the nurserys. Handelspladsen are held four times annually in Odense. The planned trade fairs are scheduled for;

Spring: 18th and 19th March 2020 (week 12)
Summer: 3rd June 2020 (week 23)
Late summer: 12th og 13th August 2020 (week 33)
Winter/Christmas:  21. October 2020 (week 43)

Handelspladsen is held at Logistikvej 25A, 5250 Odense SV.

Foto fra vores egen messe afholdes

Our purpose at the trade fair is to gather inspiration and knowledge about the current danish selection of plants and to make sure that we participate  in the forum of professional dialog between garderners, purchasers and customers. In DanBlumen we put great emphasis on our ability to be present and to able to have rich dialog with customers as well as gardeners, because that is a key prerequisite for us to provide the best service and the most relevant products to our customers.

Floradania Marketing is the organizor of the trad fair and you can find much more information about the fair at floradania.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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